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Jacob's Story

When I was a kid, life was extremely difficult for my family and even got worse after the passing of my dad. We were kicked out of the family house after the burial of my dad. We had nowhere to go, no food to eat and no nothing. Nonetheless my mom understood the importance of education and tried to enrol me in school even though she had no formal education. The school fees added to the list of numerous burdens we had. She would scrounge here and there to get money for my fees but to no avail. Those nights I can still vividly remember were so cold and lonely. She tried taking me to other family members but they rejected us with reasons I still don’t know. Life was extremely difficult. While on the streets with barely anything to eat, I would sneak to school just so I could learn. Sadly most often I got sent away since we could not pay the fees and I would move to a different school in an attempt not to get caught. I was a kid with dreams but the streets killed all hope. All I wanted was to help my mom, make her smile at least for once, relieve her of her persistent pain and bring happiness into her life but all odds were against us. Life showed us its full wrath.

Life continued this way and even more badly each passing year until the best thing happened to me. HCC happened. HCC gave me food, potable water to drink, good clothes to wear, and enrolled me in school. HCC was the miracle I desperately desired. Today I am regarded in society for my several achievements through HCC. Below are some of my achievements in school so far:

  • In 2010, I was a Peer Educator in my Junior High where I educated my peers on Reproductive Health after I was trained through professional workshops
  • In 2011, I was elected as the Senior Boys Prefect at my Junior High
  • In 2012, I completed Junior High as the best male student in the school and second best male student in the entire community
  • In 2012, I gained admission into Bolgatanga Senior High
  • In 2013, I was elected High School Representative in the HCC Council
  • In 2013, I was the Leader of the Brilliant Science and Math Squad in my Senior High
  • In 2014, I led my High School to emerge as the best in the Upper East Regional Science and Math Quiz Competition which qualified my High School to the National Science and Math Quiz Competition in Accra
  • In 2015, I was awarded the overall best student in my High School
  • In 2015, I represented my High school at a National Science and Maths Quiz Competition where we got to the quarter finals. Over 30 High schools competed.
  • In 2016, I gained admission into the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology to study Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, a 6-year Program
  • In 2017, I established a record for the highest GPA since the Opening of the School of Veterinary Medicine and I intend increasing it even more this semester
  • In 2017, I was appointed Publicity Head of Ghana Veterinary Medical Students Association - KNUST
  • In 2018, I was elected as the General Secretary of Ghana Veterinary Medical Students Association – KNUST

I was once a hopeless street kid with no dream of making it this far in life and now I am an adult with a sense of direction, an adult who my mom is proud of, an adult with a lot of potential, an adult who is on the road to achieving his dreams.

All I ever wanted in life was to help the sick. I remember my community would walk for miles to get to the district capital to seek for medical help. Being asthmatic, my mom had to carry me on her back to the district capital to see a doctor. It was then I knew I had to work hard in school to help my community and thanks to you I will be a Veterinary Doctor in my community, changing their lives through helping their animals. 

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