Joseph Abobtey, Heather Menezes, Madam Judith Adom & Mr. Paul Thomas Azantilow

In Canada

Heather Menezes is the founder and Executive Director of Horizons Children’s Centre. She graduated from York University (Political Science) in 1997 and completed a Master of Science degree (with Distinction) in Development Studies at the London School of Economics and Political Science in 1998. She received the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario Humanitarian Award in 2008 and a Ghanaian Women’s Courage Award in 2010. 

As a full-time elementary teacher in Toronto, Ontario, Heather has relied heavily on her entire family to carry out the project work in Canada. They have raised donations, administered finances, taken extended leaves from their jobs to volunteer in Sandema, helped to gather and send clothes and shoes, organized weekly trivia nights and other fundraisers, and taken on a host of other duties. 100% of all of our donations go directly to our program in Ghana, an achievement made possible only through the long-term volunteer efforts of Heather’s family. 

In Ghana

Mr. Joseph Abobtey has been managing HCC since 2005. No matter what the challenge, Bra Joe always finds a solution. He is an ambassador for international visitors and volunteers, a wise mentor for our students, and a visionary leader for our centre as a whole. The tremendous success of our students and our entire program is a direct result of his tireless dedication. 

Madam Judith Adom, our beloved HCC housemother, has spent 18 years of her life to preparing meals for our students. Each of them has fond memories of helping in her kitchen...prepping ingredients, cooking, serving, and washing pots and utensils. With boundless energy and great pride, Madam Judith has nurtured our students into the strong and capable young adults they are today...and most importantly, she has ensured that they can each cook a meal on their own! 

Our night watchman, Mr. Paul Thomas Azantilow, has been with us since 2005. He is an attentive and kind presence at our Centre who, for many years, has kept watch over our home from dusk until dawn, ensuring the safety and security of our students.  

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