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Our History

First Group of Studends (April 2000)

First Group of Girl Scholarship Winners (2009)

  • January 2000 - Founder Heather Menezes meets a small group of street children living and working in Sandema town. The children and Heather form a bond and begins meeting daily to share a morning meal and conversation.
  • March 2000 - With the support and guidance of local NGOs and the Department of Social Welfare, ‘social investigations’ are carried out to document the background of each child. Interviews with extended family members are crucial in establishing next steps for each child. With the exception of one child, all are admitted into the Horizons Centre program to receive food, shelter, medical care and an opportunity to attend local primary school, with all education costs covered by Horizons Centre.
  • April 2000 - The children are enrolled in local primary school. They begin living together in a rented room in Sandema town, sharing meals and developing their literacy and numeracy with an after-school tutor.
  • September 2000 - Family and friends in Canada pledge their ongoing support to cover the educational and living expenses of the children.
  • July 2001 - The Horizons Centre family moves into a large 3 bedroom house with a kitchen and main hall, to accommodate more children. Madam Judith Adom is hired as the Horizons Centre Housemother.
  • September 2001 - 2003 - In conjunction with the Department of Social Welfare, several children are admitted to Horizons Centre. The Centre becomes a thriving community hub, with children from the neighbourhood playing soccer, participating in after-school classes and joining in for evening and weekend recreational activities.
  • January 2004 - Paul Thomas Azantilow is hired as a night watchman for Horizons Centre. Joseph Abobtey is hired as an Assistant Program Coordinator. In 2006, he is promoted to Program Coordinator.
  • July 2007 - The Horizons Centre Girls’ Scholarship Fund is established. Applications are received by girls throughout the District and 5 girls are selected to receive renewable high school scholarships. The scholarship program continues to award renewable scholarships in subsequent years.
  • 2008 to Present - With each passing year, our students have distinguished themselves academically in schools across the district, region and country, gaining admission into high schools, colleges and universities. 

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