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"Creating Futures of Promise"
Education is the cornerstone of our program. We cover all education costs for our students, from primary school, through high school, to college and/or university.

About Us

Established in 2000 Horizons Centre  is a Canadian charitable project located in the rural town of Sandema, northern Ghana, West Africa. We provide educational opportunities to vulnerable children and youth.

Horizons Centre is registered under the Stanley Francis Foundation (Charitable Registration # 86964 7347 RR0001).

Our Mission

We empower orphans and vulnerable children through education and the development of leadership and life skills. Our mission is to help children achieve their academic and social potential, so that in their futures, they can secure employment and contribute positively to their communities.

What We Do


Primary/Junior High School

Students live at the centre. They attend local public day schools. Meals are prepared by our housemother, who lives at the centre. We cover all education costs (books, uniforms, school supplies), and living costs (e.g., food, clothing, medical care). The children live together as a ‘family’, sharing meals, studying together each evening, and playing sports and games on weekends. 


High School

Students attend various schools across the Upper East Region. They live on campus during school terms. We cover the cost of their school fees, books and transportation, and provide them with a small living allowance for personal expenses.


College and University

Students attend various institutions across Ghana. They live on campus during school terms. We cover the cost of their school fees, books and transportation, and provide them with a small living allowance for personal expenses.



Graduates students serve as powerful mentors for our younger students. They help them with their learning and give them inspirational talks to guide and motivate them. Over time, we hope that these graduates help to shape the future direction of Horizons Centre.

The Numbers


We are currently supporting 5 students from primary school to high school.


We are currently supporting 12 students at the college and/or university level.


We have 28 students who have graduated from college or university and are now doing post-graduate work, working and/or living independently in their communities.

Educational Costs

The figures below are average 2020 costs in Canadian dollars for a single student and include fees, books, food, 
accommodation, and transportation.

  High SchoolArts Degree
Science Degree
Teachers College
Nursing College
Distance Ed. Diploma
1st Year$750$3,100$4,000$2,400$2,000$1,300
2nd Year$500$3,100$4,000$2,100$2,000$1,300
3rd Year$500$3,100$4,000$2,100$2,000$1,300
4th Year-$3,100$4,000---

Our Impact

Dear Donors,
I am very delighted to write to you this letter and to share with you my life story.
My name is Ageteba Dorothy. I come from Sandema and I was one of four pioneers of the Horizons Girl’s Scholarship Program in 2007 
read more ...

When I was a kid, life was extremely difficult for my family and even got worse after the passing of my dad. We were kicked out of the family house after the burial of my dad.
read more ...

I am from Wiaga, a small village made up of mostly peasant farmers. My brother and I are the last of six siblings (twins). We lost our father before we turned 3 years of age
read more ...

I am from Sandema Balansa, one of the poorest communities in the Upper East Region of Ghana. My parents are peasant farmers and could not afford to feed me and my siblings a proper meal. Peasant farming is their main occupation.
read more ...

My name is Daniel. My father was a farmer but due to the high rate of poverty in my community he left for the southern part of Ghana to be specific Obuasi where he was accepted into the mining company to work as a gold miner.
read more ...

When I sit down and think about where I had reached, HCC came into my life at a time when I really needed support. It was the most difficult time of my life.I had to report to school and I went through cupboards and pockets looking for the money read more ...

HCC has been a place that I can call home and I have so many beautiful memories of this home. But permit me to share a single memory that lingers in my mind. One day, they sat us down like a family and spoke to us on how to study hard and be focused on our studies. The talk touched me so much that ever since then, I have held the words deep in my heart.  

At HCC, although we are each from different backgrounds and families, we have so much love for one another. We help each other out when one is in need, we help each other learn and we play together. My fondest memories are the weekends I spent playing football with my HCC colleagues when I was a kid. I remember those days as if they were yesterday. 

HCC is a special place because complete strangers becoming a family to me makes all the difference. The bond is so strong and we care so much about each other. We also have the older boys who are in university visiting and talking to us as mentors on how to be serious with our studies and also on how to succeed in life. I am so grateful for all the help and guidance from HCC.

Donate with a Credit Card

To make a donation through the non-profit Canada Helps website, please click here. Be sure to specify "Horizons Centre" as the Fund.

Donate with a Cheque

Please make your cheque payable to Stanley Francis Foundation and write "Horizons Centre" on the memo line.

We issue tax receipts for all donations over $20.

Cheques should be mailed to:
Heather Menezes - Executive Director
5-3062 Lake Shore Blvd. West Toronto, ON M8V 4C9

Donate through United Way

Our umbrella foundation, the Stanley Francis Foundation, is a registered Canadian charity, so directing funds toward us is as easy as 1-2-3:

1. Look for a place on your contribution form where you can specify a charity.
2. Include the name Stanley Francis Foundation, and be sure include our registered charity number: # 86964 7347 RR0001.
3. Send us an email so we can track the receipt of your donation and let you know when we have received it.

Participate in Trivia Nights

We host Trivia Night every Sunday from 6pm to 8pm at the Erie Street Gastro Pub.

There's a $10 charge per team (max 4 per team) and all proceeds go directly to Horizons. Erie Street Gastro also donates 10% of all food and drink purchases towards Horizons Centre.

If you and/or your company can donate prizes for our Trivia Nights, please contact us at

Our History

Our program was founded in January 2000. Here are some notable events in the history of Horizons Centre

January 2000

Founder Heather Menezes meets a small group of street children living and working in Sandema town. The group forms a bond and begins meeting daily to share a morning meal and conversation.

March 2000

With the support and guidance of local NGOs and the Department of Social Welfare, ‘social investigations’ are carried out to document the background of each child. Learn more ...

April 2000

The children are enrolled in local primary school. They begin living together in a rented room in Sandema town, sharing meals and developing their literacy and numeracy with an after-school tutor.

September 2000

Family and friends in Canada pledge their ongoing support to cover the educational and living expenses of the children.

July 2001

The HCC family moves into a large 3 bedroom house with a kitchen and main hall, to accommodate more children. Madam Judith Adom is hired as the Housemother.

September 2001 - 2003

 In conjunction with the Department of Social Welfare, several children are admitted to Horizons Centre. The Centre becomes a thriving community hub, with children from the neighbourhood playing soccer, participating in after-school classes and joining in for evening and weekend recreational activities.

January 2004

Paul Thomas Azantilow is hired as a night watchman for Horizons Centre. Joseph Abobtey is hired as an Assistant Program Coordinator. In 2006, he is promoted to Program Coordinator.

July 2007

The Horizons Centre Girls’ Scholarship Fund is established. Applications are received by girls throughout the District and 5 girls are selected to receive renewable high school scholarships. The scholarship program continues to award renewable scholarships in subsequent years. Learn more ...

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