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Beatrice's Story

When I sit down and think about where I had reached, HCC came into my life at a time when I really needed support. It was the most difficult time of my life. I had to report to school and I went through cupboards and pockets looking for the money to pay my fees. Even though I reported to school, I knew I could not pay the fees for the year and I wasn’t sure I would even get the opportunity to complete because of this. This was very frightening.

After being selected by HCC, I not only had my fees paid, but I received a budget to buy personal items. Just being able to buy these personal items for myself made me feel as if I could live a dignified life.  

When I was in JSS, I used to be so timid. The scholarship gave me a new sense of confidence and the security of knowing that my education was taken care of. I somehow felt and knew that this would open a big opportunity for me in the future. 

From time to time, HCC would gather all of the scholarship recipients together for a meeting. They would talk to us and encourage us. It was something that I had never experienced before. It gave me a real sense of belonging to know that someone was so interested in my progress. 

I am now a nurse at Tamale Hospital. My experience as a nurse has been wonderful, sometimes challenging, sometimes stressful but all in all there is fulfillment. Especially when a patient comes in a worse condition and you see the patient recover back to health it brings so much fulfillment. You realize that you are there to help the person in that moment when they most need encourage them, to speak to them, to give them love. Some people bring relatives to the ward and that is the last time you see them. Some patients have no one to talk to, but I take that opportunity to greet my patients and establish a very caring relationship with them. I bond with them to an extent that we are like friends chatting freely.  

My daughter Mohrael is now six months old. Being a mother, being educated, being a woman, being a nurse...I feel proud. I will give my daughter all the care that she needs and inculcate her with confidence. When I think back to my youth, I could have gone wayward but by God’s grace I didn’t take that angle so I want to give my daughter the same guidance and cater for all her needs.  

I also look forward to higher achievements for myself. I don’t think where I am now is the peak. I could still be greater than this and I will still continue my education as time goes on. I may specialize in a field of nursing or even go back to school and pursue a medical degree. I know it will happen at the opportune time.


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