HCC In Canada

Heather Menezes is the founder and Executive Director of Horizons Children’s Centre. She graduated from York University (Political Science) in 1997 and completed a Master of Science degree (with Distinction)in Development Studies at the London School of Economics and Political Science in 1998. She received the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario Humanitarian Award in 2008 and a Ghanaian Women’s Courage Award in 2010.

Since HCC started in 2000, Heather’s entire family, and a network of wonderful relatives and friends, have donated faithfully and volunteered their time to oversee and develop the program.

A family member visits HCC once each year to monitor program activities and stay connected to the children and staff. We also maintain weekly communication with our staff in Sandema through emails and phone calls.

Family members have taken on various responsibilities…the shared workload is a testimony to what can be achieved with cooperation and teamwork:

  • Heather Menezes – Fundraising, communication
  • Jeanette Menezes – Finance, administration, volunteer program
  • Andrea Menezes – Program development (education and community outreach)
  • Ian De Souza – Website management, newsletter publishing
  • Sean Wilson – Marketing, Trivia Nights
  • Derek Menezes/Rita Sachdeva – Donation Drives (clothing etc.)
  • Stanley Francis – Management of donations and tax receipts

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