HCC Volunteer Experience

Jessica Senders: Summer 2009


When I was first approached to travel to Ghana for one month this past summer, I was hesitant. Not only did I have just one week to get ready to travel to Africa, I was nervous about spending a month in a completely different country with kids. Luckily, a friend of mine had traveled to Sandema a few years back. I took a look at his pictures of all the children at HCC. In those pictures, the kids were so happy, and just so full of life, and it was at that moment that I knew in my heart I had to go.

Being in Sandema was the best experience of my life. The kids living at HCC were so welcoming and so excited that someone would travel all the way to Africa, just to spend time with them. It was truly amazing to see.

Over the month, I became close with all the children. I learned about their lives, their dreams, and who they were as individuals. Every child has their own amazing personality and they each shine in their own way. They are all so much fun, and such happy, intelligent people! Near the end of my trip, I was supposed to travel south to Cape Coast for a few days, but decided that Iíd rather stay in Sandema at Horizons for those extra days.

Once you travel to Sandema, and you get to know all the kids, it becomes like home and itís a place you donít want to leave. These children made such an impact on my life! It is one trip I will never forget.