HCC Volunteer Experience

Danny Richmond: Summer of 2006


During his time in Sandema, Danny lent his artistic talents to HCC, and led many great art activities with the kids. Describing the kids at HCC and his amazing work, he wrote:

" Most kids had never explored with colour or shapes. I think I just began the work. It will take a lot to develop their skills, not simply so that they are able to create visual art but to develop their creativity and innovation. Visual art can be a great medium in which to increase the kids' self-respect and relate important ideas, messages and values in creative ways. For example, the tree mural that we gave to the Chief helped to strengthen the centre's relationship with the community. The butterflies project was when I saw the kids start to get the hang of colour and branch out beyond 'colouring in'. [Art] also helps to build a positive atmosphere in the hall and respect for the centre as a whole. "