As a small, grassroots-style program, volunteering at HCC can be a very rewarding experience. You can support the Centre in a variety of ways, based on your personal interests and our program needs. Volunteering is an opportunity to experience life and work in a remote, rural town in Ghana, while making a meaningful and lasting contribution to HCC.


  • 4 month minimum volunteer stay
  • Pay your own travel expenses and receive no salary or living allowance while in Sandema
  • Free accommodation in a modest concrete home with electricity and running water
  • Option of eating meals for free at the Centre

If you are interested in contributing your time and skills to HCC, please e-mail us at info@horizonscentre.org for a Volunteer Information Package.

Over the years, we have been blessed with many outstanding volunteers. Click on some of the volunteers for more details.

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Barbara Hoover Danny Richmond Ben Wise
photo photo photo
Richard Sewell Paola Bartolacci Laura Donovan
photo photo photo
Codie Tredway Aki Kita Jessica Senders
Kristen O'Reilly and Sara Dubreuil