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Dear Donors,
I am very delighted to write to you this letter and to share with you my life story.
My name is Ageteba Dorothy. I come from Sandema and I was one of four pioneers of the HCC Girl’s Scholarship Program in 2007. Ever since I was a little girl, my dream was to become an Agriculturist.
My story is of a dreamy girl growing up in a town where girls’ education is considered unnecessary and a total waste of time. My mother gave birth to three girls and a boy which worsened our case because many girls in my father’s opinion in particular was so much lost. My father, since I have known him, was never responsible for us in any way. My mother single handedly cared for more than ten of us including my step-siblings and half-siblings. Life was never easy for us so we took to farming with our mum.
It was very normal for five of us to sleep on a small space left in a room where bags of rice and groundnuts had been packed. We were happy during those times because there were years that we farmed and got nothing which made us so sad. I became very passionate about growing healthy and high-yielding crops and to be able to do that, I needed proper education. Considering what was going on in my family at that time, I thought I had better stop dreaming.

In 2003, my elder sister and two step brothers got admitted into senior high school along with my half sister who was in Polytechnic. Their school fees and other expenses got my mum seriously indebted to loan sharks and the bank. In 2006 when they were about to complete, my cousin and I were preparing for senior high school the next year. 

At that time, the burden was so much and I doubted if she would be able to take any more loans for us as I remember one woman who frequented our house used to insult her because she was indebted to her.
I prayed every day for a miracle. Then, one afternoon in school, the HCC Girls Scholarship program was introduced to us. At that moment, I smiled joyfully and said quietly, “Thank you God for answering my prayers” Though I had not even started with the application, I believed in my heart that HCC had come for me. Being a part of the HCC Girl’s Scholarship program was my most precious answered prayer. I dared to dream again.  
Throughout my senior high school education to university, I never had to worry about my school fees, hostel fees, or my feeding, among the many benefits I enjoyed as a beneficiary of the HCC Girl’s Scholarship program. In 2017, I successfully graduated from The University for Development Studies with BSc Agriculture Technology and I have applied for job as an Assistant Extension Officer in the Ministry of Food and Agriculture.
I have dreams of being an Agriculture entrepreneur after three years of work experience. This would have not been possible without your help considering my family’s background. I am sincerely grateful for your selfless donations to HCC Girl's Scholarship program that has transformed a once-hopeless girl into a grown woman desiring to contribute meaningfully to her society. I am forever grateful to you, our donors, for helping me hold onto my dreams.
Much gratitude,
Ageteba Dorothy Azewengik